You've always been different. But you've never had anyone tell you exactly *what* you are - until now. Welcome home!

Hi! My name is Amanda Arcadia. I'm an intuitive healing catalyst, spiritual mentor, and abundance activator for higher-dimensional souls (AKA starseeds and walk-ins) in human form. And my role is to help you to discover your deepest personal truths and activate your highest level of abundance, by bringing forth what I call your Pineal Power!

See, there's a certain type of Divine Feminine starseed who comes onto the planet with her sense of oneness with Source intact.

She is highly psychic, pure of heart, and possesses spiritual abilities that may be yet to be discovered. She is part of Athena's Army of Love and Light: here to help expand consciousness on the planet through her healing gifts and the cosmic wisdom that she shares with others.

As one "face" of the Holy Mother archetype, Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom and philosophy. She works closely with the Pleiadians, assisting with the ascension process, and she is the Oversoul of many Divine Feminine starseeds who have come to Earth to act as beacons of light during this time of transformation.

For this special type of starseed, the Pineal Gland is a powerful gateway to communication with her Oversoul. She just hasn't realized this yet - because it comes so naturally to her that it just seems "normal".

To her, having a "direct line" to Source is the most natural thing that could exist. And that's why for her, her core wounding cuts so deeply. To incarnate on Earth, and eventually realize that no one here even knows they're a spiritual being having a temporary human experience, hits home hard. It's literally the denial of what she knows in her heart to be the ultimate Truth. And the result of this wounding is a deep sense of grief that blocks her from feeling safe embodying her true vibration.

That's why, if you've heard the inner call to step onto the path of becoming a healer, intuitive, teacher, or spiritual facilitator, it's so important that you clear every aspect of this wounding. Until you do, fully embodying your mission will always seem just out of reach, because your attempts to put yourself out there or offer assistance to others will feel extremely frightening, and deeply "wrong".

Your core wounding will express itself in a variety of ways that are unique to you, creating various challenges in different areas of your life. Whether for you that's addiction, codependency, financial lack, painful relationships, or simply feeling "stuck", I'm here to help.

My role is to guide you in transcend the limiting beliefs your inner child is carrying about whether you're acceptable or "too much" as your galactic, angelic, otherworldly self, and to hold open the trifold heart connection that will let you anchor into the 3D the inspirations and ideas that are being channelled through you by your ascended aspects in the realms of light.

Because that's what you signed up for this incarnation, and there's no shame in calling in a coach to hold you accountable to making it happen!

Here's how you can work with me to help you birth your Divine Assignment:

Athena Attunements

Athena Attunements

For Divine Feminine healers, sacred scribes, and New Earth visionaries on an entrepreneurial journey: A month-long 1:1 channelled coaching experience filled with healing magic, consciousness expansion, and activation of your unique gifts with the help of the goddess Athena! Massively upgrade your belief system and experience a complete reinvention of what it means to be you, reconnected to the flow of abundance and intuition. Learn more.

Sovereign Sales Audits

Sovereign Sales Audits

If you've got a New Earth business or a project, course, or vision that you're in the process of bringing to life in service to others, and your goal is to maximize your impact and Divine Compensation, this is for you! As an Offer Oracle and Clairvoyant Copywriter, I will review the public-facing parts of your creations and will identify any lack of soul alignment, gaps in understanding, or less-than-stellar messaging and positioning that can be improved upon in order to help you manifest your specific desires of spiritual service. Learn more.

Pineal Power Broadcasts

Pineal Power Broadcasts

Join me for these powerful remote clearing sessions that are designed to purify you of separation consciousness by attuning your pineal gland to higher dimensional consciousness, so that you can reclaim your innocence and sense of deservingness in life. Drop density and say "yes" to your guides/higher aspects merging with you more fully and aligning with your soul mission. Learn more.

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