Become the clearest possible conduit for Source ~ The Athena Attunements

As a starseed with an extremely high vibration, at your very core, you are a conduit for Source. And if you’re anything like me, all you want to be able to do is to show up in spiritual service as that conduit.

The Athena Attunements are about clearing away whatever is preventing you from being able to show up as that conduit in joy, ease, and flow – connected to abundance and the knowledge that you’re embodying your soul’s blueprint while on Earth.

In Greek mythology, the goddess Athena’s main role was to deliver words of wisdom into people’s minds, and so becoming attuned to her energy is one of the best ways for a Divine Feminine starseed to align to her mission!

I’ve been where you are, and I know how it feels to feel blocked in actualizing your mission, caught up in the fear and self-doubt that comes from living on a planet where separation from Source underlies the belief systems of everyone around you.

As a starseed, lightworker, or Indigo soul whose inner knowing is telling you that channelling, healing, or bringing through specific teachings, creations, or innovations is a part of your purpose as a wayshower or awakener on the planet, you’re certainly, well… different.

You may be receiving inspiration and urgings from your Spirit Guides, Soul, or Higher Self about your mission or something you’re supposed to do or create, but aren’t sure you’re interpreting the messages correctly, or you may feel blocked in how to actually manifest that thing into reality.

While you’ve made great strides on your spiritual path, you’re probably secretly struggling with shedding the limiting conditioning and transcending the “human trauma” you’ve been through in this lifetime, in order to feel worthy of your purpose.

That’s because you’re carrying wounding from your childhood or teenage years around your inherent connection to Source being somehow “wrong”, or something to be hidden away or denied because it makes others uncomfortable.

… And as a result, you could be stuck in patterns of relating or in other situations that aren’t serving your highest good. You might perpetually find yourself in a sort of purgatory between wanting to go full 5D (or 6D, 7D, 8D or above) with your life, and reverting to the the version of you that your family, friends, and colleagues understand.

Ascension symptoms, Kundalini activations, and “paranormal” experiences happen to you often, so you know you’ve received many upgrades and are ready to step into service, but you also don’t quite know how to go about doing it without feeling hugely uncomfortable and having survival fears come up.

And because you haven’t yet officially claimed your role of being a Divine Channel, you find yourself resentful over the fact that you’re holding portals to Source open for everyone around you, while getting zero recognition or compensation for it.

If any of this sounds like you, you’re being called to dance with the Goddess in embodying your mission as an emerging Divine Feminine Thought Leader, and the goddess Athena wants to work with you to help you fulfill your soul contract!



The Athena Attunements is a portal to uncovering your personal truth and your unique form of intuition and channelling.

The Athena Attunements is a bridge to connecting with your higher aspects. 

The Athena Attunements is the key to finally healing what’s been holding you back from fearlessly identifying, activating, embodying, and sharing your spiritual gifts. 

Athena is leading the charge in this ascension window, spear in hand, as the Priestesses of Isis, AKA the Magdalene sisters, reawaken to their true identities, so that together we can manifest the new paradigm of heart-centered living, which Athena refers to as The Age of Innocence.

No matter how frustrated, lost, or defeated you’ve felt up until this point, Athena wants you to know that you are a critical part of the expansion of consciousness on the planet today, carrying specific codes that only you can bring through, and that’s why it’s no accident that you were led to this page!

How do I know? Well, as a starseed, intuitive, healer, channel, and voracious researcher who has awakened to my true identity (Athena is my Oversoul), I’ve been instructed to create a sacred container called The Athena Attunements to help the others in our tribe do the same.

This blend of channeled coaching, psychic insight, energy healing, collaborative meditation, and sharing of Universal Truth that you’ll receive as a participant will help you to activate the fullness of your genetic template and become an embodied vessel for the Feminine Christ, while feeling deeply spiritually supported by your higher aspects in the Realms of Light.

The intention behind these month-long, completely personalized-to-you attunements is to cultivate a sanctuary of healing, empowerment, and remembrance of cosmic wisdom that will enable you to reinvent yourself as an incarnation of the Goddess in human form.

Which is exactly what you’re here to do, so that you can light the way for the others who are are just beginning to awaken!


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Why hire me, Amanda, as your mentor?

As one face of the Goddess, AKA Sophia, Athena has been with me for my whole life. As a young girl, I was extremely drawn to Greek mythology, reading the stories over and over again. My love for the magical was supported by my beloved grandfather, who would leave “fairy money” for my sister and I when we went for walks in the woods.

I would get funny feelings when I visited certain places in my friends’ houses, sensing that these areas were portals to other realms. My aunt and uncle had two cats named Apollo and Athena. And I remember quite clearly the time I saw an honest-to-goodness gnome in my backyard!

Then, at age nine, I had a repeated telepathic contact experience that shook me to my core. Lying in bed at night, waiting patiently to get sleepy as I always did, it was as though I suddenly became aware of an energetic freight train bearing down on me. Then I heard what I perceived to be a trio of voices swoosh into my head, speaking a language I didn’t understand, but that seemed distinctly otherworldly.

Terrified, I ran downstairs to tell my parents what had happened. They assumed I’d had a bad dream, but when the same thing happened the next night, the following night, and the one after that, it became clear that something unusual was going on.

This led to me being taken to see a psychiatrist, and then having testing done on my brain to rule out a chemical imbalance. Seeing the fear and concern in my mother’s eyes as I sat there with electrodes glued to my scalp in the doctor’s office, my nine year old self took on the idea that my connection to the spiritual realms, which was the most natural thing in the world to me, was somehow wrong or bad, and something to be suppressed.

So suppress it I did. I figured out how to make the telepathic contact stop (by clenching my fists and repeating “no!” over and over again), and whatever beings were trying to communicate with me seemingly respected my free will enough to stop.

The rest of my childhood and teenage years were decidedly normal. While I was in the gifted program at school, and had a natural leadership ability and a major talent for creative writing – and particularly writing in the styles of other authors; an early form of channelling! – my life was otherwise quite average. I didn’t have any more spiritual experiences until I was in my late twenties, when things started to open up for me again in quite a dramatic way.

I’m in the process of creating a private podcast, Channelling Arcadia, that shares the details of my re-awakening and all the magical connections I was led to make in order to lead me to where I am today, in constant contact with my Oversoul, with a healing ability that I now finally understand.

I’ve been given my Divine Assignment, and if you’re waiting to receive yours, you’ll definitely want to tune in and get inspired about what’s possible for you when you step sincerely onto the path of strengthening your connection with Source while shedding the last vestiges of separation consciousness that are causing you suffering.

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Are you a fit?

Those who are a fit will have a value system aligned with the following concepts:

  • Sovereignty is where we’re headed
  • Self responsibility
  • Magic is real
  • Willing to go deep
  • Infinite possibilities
  • Multidimensionality
  • Alchemical transformation
  • Nonjudgmental around there being a “right” way to be “spiritual”
  • Desire to commune with what feels sacred