“What will be the name of the first being I’ll channel?”, I mentally asked.

Imagine my shock and surprise when I heard an immediate clairaudient answer: “Arcadia,” a voice calmly replied.

It was a name I’d never heard before, but that wasn’t what struck me. What floored me was that I had actually gotten a response.

This wasn’t the first multidimensional communication experience I’d ever had, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. But looking back, it marked a pivotal moment on my path of spiritual exploration, because it offered a clue to my true identity beyond my human form: something I believe every starseed seeks to understand, yet subsonsciously feels unworthy of knowing.

I would eventually find out that Arcadia was a name that connects with several important parts of my purpose, as well as to the goddess Athena, AKA The Queen of the Heavens who has historically worked closely with the Pleiadians. It took me quite a few years of patiently being led down the path of “Know Thyself” by my Oversoul Arcadia/Athena to get to where I am today, and I didn’t have anyone in the physical who could explain what was happening or help me navigate all the crazy mystical things that I experienced. But I now see I was left to figure it out on my own so that I could someday more effectively support other starseeds, lightworkers, and high frequency humans who are having similar experiences involving interdimensional communication, healing abilities coming online, and a deep desire to be of service to the planet during this Ascension cycle.

So if you, like my slightly younger self, are hearing the call to step into a leadership or teaching role, but you’re not totally confident you’re accurately interpreting what your guides are telling you and trying to get you to share with the world, I’ve got you. If you had experiences as a kid that left you questioning whether your connection to Source was something to be ashamed of, due to how uncomfortable it made others, and it’s causing you to question whether your desire to be a New Earth Thought Leader might be a delusion of grandeur, you’re in the right place. And if you’re feeling called to step into your mission, but you’re not totally sure how to do justice to it (because it feels pretty huge), I’m here to hold space for your realization of your majesty through inspiring courageous action.

My role, as an intuitive catalyst and abundance mentor for higher-dimensional beings in human form is to help you transcend the limiting beliefs your inner child is carrying about whether you’re acceptable or “too much” as your galactic, angelic, otherworldly self, and to assist you in anchoring into the 3D the inspirations and ideas that are being channelled through you by your ascended aspects in the realms of light.

Because that’s what you signed up for this incarnation, and there’s no shame in calling in a coach to hold you accountable to making it happen!
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